Essential tips before moving into new student accommodation

Things You Should Consider Before Moving in a New Student Accommodation

As you decide to move to new student accommodation, you are taking a big step in your life. This is the place where you will have to stay and complete…

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self-isolation tips for students

Self-isolation Tips for Students: What You Must Do to make it Meaningful

During exam times and the ongoing pandemic situation, it’s perhaps a tranquil surrounding which your mind years for the most. Some pedantic minds would like to observe that self-isolation and…

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Student accommodation tips in 2020

An Effective Guideline to live in Student Halls

Finding accommodation in a new city is often a predicament for students who have come to a new city in pursuit of their academics. There’s a lot that you need…

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op 7 Possible issue for Student to find PG and Hostel In India

Top 7 Possible issue for Student to find PG/Hostel/Flat in India

Everybody knows that patience is very important and everyone should have enough of it. You will certainly get it in people who live as paying guests. As a paying guest,…

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student accommodation

How to parents ensure safety for your kids in their student accommodation

Ensuring the safety for your kids in their student accommodation should be your foremost priority Now a day is changing and so our youth are. A majority of the youth…

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best Pg in Chennai

Tips to find the best Pg in Chennai

In today’s fast-paced world, in order to broaden the horizon to explore larger frontiers and better career opportunities most people have to step out of their home towns. Moving to…

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