Things You Should Consider Before Moving in a New Student Accommodation

Essential tips before moving into new student accommodation

As you decide to move to new student accommodation, you are taking a big step in your life. This is the place where you will have to stay and complete your studies. So, you better watch your steps while taking admission into student accommodation. Here is a checklist of the most Essential tips before moving into new student accommodation . If you consider taking a look at them closely, you can sidestep the challenges of moving into new accommodation.

There is one thing. While reflecting on the upcoming shift, it’s quite natural for you to get unnerved. There would be so many things to do and take care of. The list of jobs to be done seems endless. Yes. The situation is demanding but you will be advised to stay calm and reserve your poise.

You need to carry out the shift with a bit of poised aptitude and your innate panache

Create a handy list of things to be packed

Being a student, you are mostly focused on your studies. So, it can perhaps be presumed that things are not so well organized in your room. Generally, you face no problem with this. However, when it comes to packing before you move to the new destination, things look scary.

During such a menacing picture, you will do better if you reserve your cool and make a list first. You will need to write up a quick list of the most important things which you are going to need in the new location. So, check your room for the most essential possessions. Create a list of things that you want to hang onto.

Communicate with the new roommates

When you seek your entry in student accommodation, you are being a part of the student communities. There will be roommates and you will require creating rapport with the students and roommates. So, how on earth would you be able to strike a happy medium with them? Here are some suggestions in this regard.

  • In the first place, you have to be honest as well as curious. It’s better to try and break the ice with them. Get involved in some friendly chit chat.
  • Open up to them. Try to show your jovial side. Don’t act like you are a recluse and you don’t bother much about the company of friends.
  • While establishing communications with them you need to be flexible. They might crack jokes about you. Don’t take it personally. Act smart.
  • Get to know the rules of the house from them.
  • Prove yourself as a solution guy, not like a problem guy.
  • When you communicate with your roommates, you need to be direct and clear or unambiguous in your talk. It creates a good impression.
  • If you envision any conflict, be sure to sidestep it.

Maintain social distancing in shared rooms

Now, as you come to take a closer look at the Essential tips before moving into new student accommodation  you have to maintain the aspect of social distancing even if you are staying in shared rooms with other students. Considering the grim situations resulting from the Corona virus impact, you have to follow this rule verbatim.

As a student and a part of the accommodation, it’s your responsibility to look after your health as well as the health of the others with whom you are sharing the room. Thus, social distancing is an inevitable act here.

  • You will need to make sure that you can keep up the distance of the specified 1.5 meters with the other students in the room.
  • There should be only one person in the space of two square meters.
  • There have to be some rules regarding the entrance and exit.
  • There have to be EOPs or emergency operations plans.
  • Recreational activities, which could get you in close contact with the other residents, should be kept in check or hold for some time.
  • You need to have preventive measures ready with you.

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Keep an eye on the inventory

What should be the inventory of necessary things in student accommodation? Well, there are some obvious things. When you are looking to inspect a property as proposed student accommodation for your stay, you should check whether the place has

  • Food containers can be used as a reusable product.
  • Doorsteps
  • Toilet brushes.
  • Hangers for clothes.
  • Kitchen utensils.
  • Bowls, plates as well as glasses.

The accommodation must have a gas safety certificate

It is indeed a very important part of the Essential tips before moving into new student accommodation . The student accommodation which you propose to check-in should have a gas safety certificate. It is a very important and legal aspect.

The chimneys, gas appliances as well as the gas piping need to be in a perfect working condition. Only then you will be able to decide whether the student accommodation would be a safe place to stay or not. Thus, it is always advisable that you check whether the accommodation has got an ample gas safety certificate or not. It’s in fact, as important as the property license.

Make sure you are moving in a clean and sanitized property

Now, this is a must for you. You will need to be sure that you are moving to a clean and sanitized property. You will need to check whether the bed is clean or not because you will spend most of your waking hours over there. You will presumably prepare your studies or have some quick snacks with friends on the bed only.

Also, you should scrutinize the decor of the room. As you propose to move to new student accommodation, you have every right to inspect the decor of the place. Check the artwork, color combination, and the bed sheet color.


So, these are the most common and Essential tips before moving into new student accommodation  in a nutshell. Keep a close tab on the aforesaid, before you decide to move in a new place to board as a student. These things will surely help you be organized. Your life will be a lot easier in the new student accommodation.

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