Best places to visit in Kolkata

Best Places To Visit In Kolkata With Your Roommate

Located just by the banks of river Hooghly, Kolkata known as the City of Joy offers a unique fusion of ethnic cultural diversity, absorbing art, awe-inspiring literature, delectable food, electrifying…

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Student stress management

Top 9 Effective Techniques For Student Stress Management

In today’s highly competitive modern era, the stress factor is very common for almost all students of high schools and colleges proving detrimental to health and education. Hence, it is…

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Best apps for students

Top 10 Best Apps for Students

In this age of socializing networks and apps for everything, some handy apps help in making a student’s life simpler, and secure. There are best apps for students to keep…

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Money saving tips for students

Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Student

Managing money for students is an integral part of their college life, as it helps to overcome the shortage of funds. Hence, to save invaluable income, there are many money…

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Student Accommodation in Foreign Countries

Student Accommodation in Foreign Countries – Things to Keep in Mind!

Finding student accommodation in foreign countries is a challenging task, with an added hassle due to the unaccustomed rules and regulations that may cause a problem in specific foreign countries….

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Difference between flats & PG

Flats or PG? Which is better for students & why?

If you are looking for student accommodation, then you have PG’s and flats as two indispensable options. However, there is a tangible difference between flats and pg. In urban life,…

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