Flats or PG? Which is better for students & why?

Difference between flats & PG

If you are looking for student accommodation, then you have PG’s and flats as two indispensable options. However, there is a tangible difference between flats and pg. In urban life, you will perhaps notice the growing significance of flats and apartments. Considering the surging population in the cities and towns, they are the most sought after habitats.

However, when you come to choose as a student, you will need to indulge in a comparative study deciphering all the pros and cons. So, here is an interesting anecdote trying to reflect on which is better flat or PG. To take the discussion further on the context of the benefits of PG as well as that of a flat, you need to brush up on some fundamental aspects.

Paying guest

Benefits of PG

What is a paying guest? Generally speaking, the appellation paying guest sticks to an individual who happens to rent a particular house and premises along with the facilities. The individual is supposed to use the facilities such as laundry, bed, and other stuff regularly. In exchange, he or she is expected to pay a certain amount of cash which has already been finalized with the landlord.

Advantages of paying for guest accommodation | benefits of PG

If you need to scale your thoughts towards the benefits of PG accommodation, then we should rivet our attention to the following aspects.

  • PG accommodations are available at ease.
  • You don’t need to take too much headache on maintenance as well as repair work.
  • There will be several civic amenities, always available at your disposal.
  • The aspect of enhanced safety should also be noted as an advantage.

Drawbacks of a paying guest accommodation

It’s not that life in PG accommodation is all about fun and frolic. It is also possible that you could face some discomfiture here. Let us try here to encapsulate some of the problems of PG accommodations.

  • While living in PG accommodation, you can suffer from the pangs of loneliness as well as boredom.
  • In a PG, you might have to share your room with the other boarders if your landlord chooses to do so.
  • There could be serious issues such as unhygienic conditions.
  • You could feel that the laws or rules imposed by the landlord are too stringent.

Why choose a PG over flat?

When you are looking for the top reasons for choosing PG over flat, here are some quintessential elements which you will need to cast a close look at.

  • PG or paying guest accommodation happens to be a part of student life. It’s the utmost necessity when you set out for a new destination where you can have the foundation of your academic life. It’s there when you feel the urge of having access to a PG accommodation. It’s the ultimate abode of peace for students once they can hold on to one. So, when it comes to calling the shots, you should understand the benefits of PG quite meticulously.
  • Student communities always have a soft corner for PG’s because they get some basic amenities along with the accommodation.
  • In a PG, students are supposed to get a home-like atmosphere which is quite conducive for their studies.
  • Students, who are living alone in a new place, should always go for PG accommodation. If you get in trouble for health reasons or some other concerns, you can always count on the help you will receive from the landlord or other members of the house.
  • Rents are comparatively lower in PG’s. Living in a flat turns out to be quite costly these days, as far as the rents are concerned. You might have to pay a lot compared to a rented house as your PG accommodation.
  • In most PG accommodations, you have the arrangement of amenities such as refrigerator, AC, etc. You don’t need to pay extra for these facilities.


Benefits of flats

Flats, etymology wise and technically, are specific housing units. You can find them as self-contained ones which usually happen to be a part of huge buildings, where many other families also dwell. The word has come from a Scottish term which is Flet, which stands for the story or floor of a particular house or building.

Advantages of flats | benefits of flats

If you have your preferences tilted towards the benefits of flat accommodation, here are some positive factors you should consider.

  • Flats are always less expensive options for you to avail of.
  • You can decorate them based on your personal choices.
  • You can get the experience of a comfortable living.
  • Socializing is easy in flats.

Disadvantages of flats

Now, let’s figure out the demerits which are there.

  • As you rent a flat, you are not supposed to have the authority of decorating the exterior.
  • Some service charges are included.
  • The possibility of being surrounded by noisy and troublesome neighbors can’t be ruled out.
  • You cannot live with pets until you are allowed to do so.

Why choose flat over PG

If you find yourself in a labyrinth while trying to choose between a PG and a flat, then here’s something that you must not miss out on.

If you care for more privacy and comfy space in your life, then flats should be your pick. It is a fact that you will keep enjoying more freedom for socializing in a flat.

Final Verdict: Who should consider flat or a PG?

The post is presumed to have brought out the main difference between flats and PG. Now that you have traversed through the chief benefits of flats and the most quintessential features as well as benefits of PG, it’s going to be easier for you to call the shot. Weigh up your situation with a realistic approach and then decide which one would be the most ideal option for you to pounce on.

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