Top 10 Best Apps for Students

Best apps for students

In this age of socializing networks and apps for everything, some handy apps help in making a student’s life simpler, and secure. There are best apps for students to keep things organized, accepting notes and learning, working out, and eating healthy in this digitally-bound life.

What are the Most Helpful Apps for Students?

1. BenchPrep

Bench prep

This app aids students by socializing with other test-users. This aids in their study by harnessing useful resources and doing revisions with quizzes, and notes. Most importantly, it helps to monitor the progression of one’s education. The app offers greater flexibility, and smoothly prepares scholars for their examinations like GMAT, MCAT, GRE, and LSAT.

2. Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite is a free-to-use easy app for monitoring different examinations and their relative dates. It is one of the best apps for students helping to get them ready for tests at all educational standards. Students can share assignments and courseware among peers, faculties, and parents through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Exam Countdown


  • With regular exam updates, the student can stay alert and dedicated to the preparation. Besides, synchronization of dates and details using various colour codes for different exams in a single location also comes in handy.
  • Besides, students can also include special notes of any assessments
  • Pupils have the option to select from almost four hundred different icons

3. Soundnote

Soundnote app

Soundnote is specifically meant for securing and storing a complete oration in audio or video formats. Now, when replaying the lecture, scholars can just tap a word, and instantly Soundnote takes the pupils to the specific point of that particular oration.

Now, if the scholar feels sleepy in the classroom, just with a little tap on the Soundnote app, he will able to listen to the audio of the oration from the point he took the nap.

Moreover, scholars can quickly share their audios and texts through emails, or transmit them straightway from mobiles to laptops or tablets.

4. StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

StudyBlue is one of the most helpful apps for students generating a series of flashcards according to the specific courses, with alerts for performing revisions.

Study Blue


  • Scholars can generate, learn, and share their unique electronic flashcards for free-of-cost
  • Pupils can tailor-made their course materials with innovative images and related audio
  • They can also transfer requisite course information to other smartphones, laptops, and desktop effortlessly

5. GoConqr

Among other best apps for students, is the revision app of GoConqr, which helps by generating study cards, notes, learning planners, quizzes, and mind maps for sharing the knowledge among other scholars and faculties. Besides, pupils can also engage in brainstorming sessions on specific subjects, and according to their needs.



  • The app offers a dynamic educational experience through a user-friendly engagement, wherein students can generate their relevant course contents
  • GoConqr helps to instantaneously generate a presentation from oration notes, study cards, and graphical mind maps just by tapping the play logo on the app

6. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework app comes with a user-friendly simple interface meant for college, and high school students. It helps scholars to monitor course assignments in an enhanced way, keeping the scholars stay absorbed, learn properly, and mitigate their stress level.



  • The lucidity and dependability of this app makes it a perfect student organizer that can be used without an internet connection
  • This app can get well synchronized with any type of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and also laptops

7. bSafe – Never Walk Alone

It is another one among all the best apps for students. bSafe thwarts criminal offenses, including rapes and sexual abuses of scholars, especially the girl students with its innovative technology.

bsafe app


  • The students’ parents can know their kids’ locations, and monitor them easily with a live transmitting facility when the SOS alarm is activated by touch, or with students’ voice control
  • It has an automatic recording facility with audio and video formats sent to the parents’ smartphone when SOS or emergency is triggered
  • Moreover, it uses the Follow Me live tracing options with GPS maps, wherein parents can easily follow the students’ movements.

8. Sleep Cycle: Sleep Analysis & Smart Alarm Clock

Among other most helpful apps for students, Sleep Cycle monitors the sleeping patterns through body movement, awaking the scholars, especially during the times when students are in a near-conscious state of mind.

Sleep Cycle


  • It monitors naps easily, evaluating the snoozing sequence with appropriate reports
  • Moreover, it offers pacifying melodies with custom-made alarms ringing daily on an intermittent basis for one and a half hours.

9. Fitbit


Among other best apps for students, Fitbit monitors the daily workout regime of the students. The app offers customizable advice, personalized health schedules, and nearly 250 training exercises to uplift the scholars’ fitness. Besides, it also provides nutritional plans, meditational strategies, and innovative snoozing tools for enhancing the sleep patterns of the students.

Among the workout agendas, students can find both audio and video fitness regimes comprising of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, meditation, and yoga, amongst others. It also offers free tranquilizing audio tunes to reduce the anxiety level, stimulate the psyche, and aid in better sleep patterns.

10. Mealboard

Mealboard app offers students by combining healthy nutriment options, location of groceries, and mostly home-based recipes in a comprehensive way.



  • It aids in adding or bringing in recipes from the internet using the in-built browser of the app. Besides, one can scan meals directly from cookery books
  • It generates meal plans easily with preparation reminders
  • Besides, it develops grocery catalogs according to the meal plans
  • Moreover, it helps in monitoring the groceries stock, adjusting consumables as per the cooking schedule

Bottom Line

Conclusively these innovative apps along with others dramatically transform the lives of the students, thereby engineering in a simpler, organized, energetic, healthy, and secured way. Thus, scholars should utilize these apps in acquiring education judiciously and with dynamic spirits.

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